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10 Facts You Must Know about Aluminium Wrought

The popularity of aluminium is rising constantly because of its versatility. Aluminium Wrought is a kind of aluminium alloy which is created by combining some alloying elements. Though aluminium is present in large quantity, this alloy contains other elements like silicon, zinc, manganese and copper too. Hence, it is considered as one of the most durable metal alloys. Fences, windows, grilles and other frames made up of this metal alloy can be very helpful, especially in the hot and humid climatic regions. There are some important and interesting facts about this metal alloy which you must know.

The top 10 most interest facts are:

Fact #1: Highly Durable & Sturdy

When it comes to the most durable and sturdiest metal, people certainly consider iron. But it is very much corrosive in nature and is not at all ideal for the regions that are hot and humid. Hence, the Aluminium Wrought is the most durable alloy which is highly resistant to moisture and corrosion. Whether you need a perfect metal for your window grille, gate or fence, this can serve as the sturdiest metal. Even in humid countries where the moisture level is very high, this will remain free of rust, unlike iron.

Fact #2: Very Low Maintenance

This is a metal alloy which has the least maintenance cost. That is why, many people around the world prefer this metal. It neither corrodes due to moisture nor does it changes shape due to heat. Hence, it is the strongest, sturdiest and most durable metal alloy with low maintenance. Unlike iron and woods, this metal doesn’t need continuous maintenance and painting. So, if you install a grille or a window made up of this aluminium alloy, then it will last for a lifetime. It can also save a lot of money that you generally waste on maintenance.

Fact #3: Comes With Various Designs & Styles

Unlike the wooden and iron metals, this aluminium alloy can be shaped and cut into various designs and styles. Thus, it can perfectly fit into your interior design. You will get a plethora of designs and styles in the market from you can choose one according to your preferences. So, besides being sturdy and durable, it can also help you in beautifying your property. Since, this alloy is very strong and resistant to any chemical reactions, you can also paint it like the way you want.

Fact #4: Extremely Light In Weight

Compared to other sturdy and durable materials like wood and iron, the Aluminium Wrought is very much light in weight. Thus, it is easier to install and even work with it. Being a light weight metal alloy with great strength is very rare. Hence, this metal alloy is the best and most popular of all the metals. It is used in various constructions projects to ensure easier instalment and better protection at the same time.

Fact #5: Energy Efficient In Nature

One of the least known facts about this aluminium alloy is the energy efficiency. Due to its high efficiency, it is used extensively in various technologies. People all over the world, especially the ones staying in hotter regions, prefer this alloy as their window frame or grille. This is because you can achieve the best energy rating with the help of this. This alloy can efficiently keep the heat out of your windows and trap the cold air inside. Hence, you can save a lot of money on the energy bills too.

Fact #6: All These Versatility At Affordable Rate

Many efficient and durable materials like wood and iron can burn a whole in your pocket. With the rising price of the other materials, this aluminium alloy remains one of the most affordable ones in the market. So, if you want to upgrade your windows, fences and grilles of your house or office building with this alloy, it will not make a hole in your pocket. You can get a versatile, efficient and low maintenance material for your windows and grilles without spending lots of money on it.

Fact #7: Extremely Environment Friendly
Being a part of the earth, it is our responsibility to make sure that we take care of this earth. Rather than cutting down trees and using it for various purpose, it is always better to use environment friendly materials. One of the most interesting facts about Aluminium Wrought is that it is an extremely environment friendly alloy. It is easier to recycle aluminium. According to the reports by Aluminium Association, 75% of the aluminium made till date are still in use. Thus, it is an eco-friendly material which will not cause any harm to the nature.

Fact #8: Aluminium Is Born Out Of Science

One of the facts that many people don’t know is that the aluminium used in the alloy was born with the help of science. This is not a naturally found material in the earth’s crust like copper, wood or iron. It is derived from bauxite. After a long process, aluminium is formed and as it can play well with other materials. They are mixed together with greater portion of aluminium to form this durable, lightweight and eco-friendly alloy. It has finer details and it also costs much lower than any other convenient materials found on earth.

Fact #9: Strong Material For Better Security

When you are considering to install grilles and windows in your house and office, security is one of the main concerns. Of course, strong metals can provide better security as it will not be easy to break in. This aluminium alloy is a perfect combination of aluminium, zinc and manganese which produce enough strength and sturdiness to the material. Thus, it is highly secured to be used as fence, grille or as windows.

Fact #10: Non-Combustible

Another amazing fact about Aluminium Wrought is that it is non-combustible in nature. It does not get burned and hence, it is used widely in offices and houses. Be it a commercial space or residential place, fire is always a potential hazards. Thus, using an alloy like this can help to prevent any kind of hazardous emissions.

These are the most interesting and beneficial facts about this aluminium alloy. Besides having an aesthetic appeal, it can improve the quality of living too.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

The Most Popularly Installed Window Grille Types

It is only natural for homeowners in Singapore to give priority to their home security. As a result, a vast majority of homeowners will put in security measures to safeguard themselves as well as their property. One of the most critical aspects of home security involves the installation of window grilles. When considering home security installations, there are actually many different types to choose from. With so much variety, the challenge comes in choosing the most suitable window grilles type. Below are the most common types of window grilles installed in Singapore homes.

Some homeowners seem to be overwhelmed by the choices and are not sure about the type of style to pick. Thankfully, the general concepts presented below help by narrowing down the choices. Instead of choosing just any type of window grille, selecting a particular style that perfectly complements a home’s architectural style, including personal style and taste, are vital elements worth considering.

The Different Types of Home Window Grilles

It is worth noting that there are many different types of window grilles designed to suit the varied preferences of homeowners. Some of the available options are easier to clean. Other window grille options are permanently fixed.

1. Full-Divided Light
These grilles are attached permanently to the interior and exterior of windows and a spacer made of aluminum is installed between the glass pane. This particular grille type is supposed to replicate the visually appealing divided window glass panes. Both the exterior and the exterior of these grilles are made using flexible and weather-resistant materials that closely resemble wood.

2. Simulated Divided Grilles
These window grilles are similar to the full-divided light versions, except they do not have aluminum spaces fitted in between the glass. With this option, homeowners can either choose to affix the grilles permanently or make them removable.

3. The Removable Interior Grilles
Just like the name indicates, the removable grilles can be removed. They can be easily snapped in place to the sash of the window. Many homeowners feel that this is an excellent option, as it presents an easier way to remove and replace during cleaning. Since these types of grilles are not often exposed to the harsh weather elements, most are made typically of hardwood.

Some Popular Styles of Window Grilles Worth Trying

While there are many styles of window grilles homeowners could choose from, below are the most popular ones that any homeowner should try. However, when it comes to choosing the ideal type, homeowners must consider the window types installed and the grilles must additionally reflect the style of a home.

i. The Colonial Style Window Grilles
These are the most common types of grilles you are likely to see in traditional-style homes. These grilles incorporate a balanced pattern comprising of horizontal and perpendicular vertical grilles. It is worth noting that colonial style grilles are divided light type windows arranged in 4, 6, or 9 rectangular or square panes.

The Cape Cod or more modern colonial style homes may have single-pane glass located at the lower half of the house window and a Colonial type grille located on the upper section of the windows. These windows are opened from the top down or bottom up.

ii. Prairie (Modified Prairie Type Grilles)
The Prairie style can look beautiful in virtually any style of home. the style comprises of two horizontal and two vertical grids located near the window perimeter thus creating a frame that perfectly adorns the structure of the window while leaving a large and open area to expand the view. This design could either take up the whole window, or just the lower or upper sash when installed as a double-hung window.

The Modified Prairie or Prairie Styled window grilles are perfect as they beautifully complement home styles including Colonial, Traditional, Farmhouse, Prairie, Industrial, and Mid-Century Modern. Many homeowners tend to choose these types of windows for the simple reason that they allow the more unobstructed lighted to enter the home. Furthermore, they make homes feel more spacious and bigger.

iii. Geometric Grilles
The geometric window grilles are presented in many different types of materials and variations. So, these can mostly be seen with repetitive square, circular, or herringbone patterns. Yet another type of popular geometric grille is the angular lines forming rectangles and squares.

iv. Craftsman
The Craftsman grille style features two large single glass panes at the bottom and upper halves. The panes on Craftsman windows are rectangular and horizontal, thereby making a home feel more open. The homeowner with the desire for an open and modern look in the home will certainly find it to be an excellent option.

v. Valence

The Valence style is the more modern type of grille that naturally allows unadulterated light in the house while making it possible for homeowners to include patterns to the windows. The Valence windows feature a big square glass pane and three square glass frames located at the upper section of the window.

vi. Victorian
People who lived in the Victorian era were well-known for their love for their extravagant decorative styles and the Victorian grilles live up to this reputation.

vii. Diamond
Diamond grilles are some of the most widely adopted for the accent windows located on top of larger windows. These are often added to the luxurious homes for enhanced detail in dimension. Diamond grilles are additionally used together with Victorian windows.

The Variety of Window Grille Options Add Style and Function To Homes

Window grilles present homeowners with an amazing and clever way to add style to virtually any home without breaking an arm or a leg. Since the styles and types of window grilles are actually many, homeowners have options to pick from based on their personal preferences and style of home.
When planning quality window installation, this would be the best time to have new window grilles fitted. Removable window grilles, on the other hand, are superb for anyone looking to incorporate a new design or style or element into a home.

While the guidelines provided above make it easier for homeowners to determine the most appropriate window grille type or styles to complement different architectural styles of home, a number of factors ultimately determine the most appropriate type of grille to install.

Monday, November 21, 2016

6 Smart Tips On Choosing Wrought Iron Gate

Are you looking to buy a Wrought Iron Gate in Singapore? If yes is your answer then keep on reading. There are a lot of things that need to be put into considerations as you’re starting a home development project or home re-designing. First of all, you need to choose the products that match properly with the theme and décor of the house. It is an essential point to consider. Aside from that, budget is as well a crucial point. Wrought iron gates can really be a great product to set up in your house. Many out there are choosing this product to adore their home. You can also give an old and majestic and look to your home as you include these items.

Wrought iron is really gaining importance as a home décor exterior. They can totally change the look of a home or a building. Wrought iron is popularly used for making fences and gates. It was a properly-liked option for home décor since in the early 16th century and this has not gone out of fashion right now and won’t be out of fashion for many years. Wrought iron is used for making items such as fences, gates, stair railings, plant stands, patio furniture's etc. Wrought as well as gates and also fences impart to your homes nearly a royal castle like look. Wrought iron gates and fences offer a unique appeal and worth to your home because they are the first thing which is noticed by a coming visitor to your home.

There are a lot of online sites available that will normally sell gates to get in all various decorative designs. They don't really have to be plain or boring. They can quiet be as easy as intricate as you possibly like. These kinds of gates can add a touch of great style to your home and in a good way get it noticed.

Here are some tips to help you choose the proper wrought Iron gate for right impression in Singapore and of course, finally safety.

• Look for top quality gate shops- After you’ve measured your property’s size; the next step will be looking for the high quality and best gate stores. There are a lot of quality gate stores in Singapore which are readily available. All these stores have high quality wrought iron gates made from materials that are quality. It is always recommended that you pay a visit to such stores in person if you really want the best gate for your home or property. If you assign this duty to someone else, there are chances of purchasing a product that you don’t like or admire.

• Width of the driveway - If your driveway’s width is shorter, you can opt for a wooden gate. But, If the driveway is sufficiently wide (above 10 feet in width), the gate then should be strong to span that distance. A gate made of wrought iron serves you that purpose. Naturally, the weight of the wood will cause the gate structure to sag but a wrought gate is usually held together by welds and also more stable at any joints.

Decide on manual or automatic gate. At this stage, whether you would like the gate to open manually or even with an automatic gate opener also. A bracket is attached to the gate if really you like an automatic gate opener. You can also seek quote from different wrought iron gate fabricators/ manufacturers. Get the details regarding the quote and also how the final price is determined.

• Select the design depending on your choice- Proper gate designing will greatly enhance the overall appearance of your property. There are different designs and each will get a particular impression on your home. Therefore, you need to take time to select a design that fits your needs. You can even seek your designer’s assistance to help you look for the best design of the gate. Wider consultation will surely let you get a quality design for your gate. Ensure that you are comfortable and happy with the design you’ve selected before you buy. Don’t permit the designers to select for you but let them advice you.

• Measure your property’s size- As soon as you accept any bid on received quotes basis, contact the fabricator to pay a visit to the job site and then take accurate measurements. They are really a must for scale calculation and to make sure that your gate really meets any specific applicable codes.

• Considering your property’s size is the initial step before you set up this gate. Always make sure that you measure your property's size before you purchase any item from the market. This is performing to make sure that the gate properly really fits to your home. You are to maximize the likely benefits related to this item if it can be perfectly set up to your home. You should also choose the ideal point for the gate installation. Do not hide it. Make it be in the open so that everybody can at least access it. It’s not used for security purposes only but for beauty and decoration as well.

• Look for the one that’s affordable- Price is an essential factor which has to be considered when buying the gate. The price of the gate really determines the kind of the gate to buy. There are a lot of gate stores which give discount deals for their clients. Try to find such deals particularly when buying very top quality wrought iron gate. You can even obtain such gates that are high quality at affordable price. There are some stores selling these types of gates at a bit lower prices. Take time to compare their prices to obtain one which is affordable. You need to have in mind your budget limits when buying.

These are very useful tips that can help you get the best and quality gate. You are also advised to read gate reviews on the internet, magazines and newspapers to know more about the current prices and designs. Finding the best gate that properly fits your property will greatly improve your security system.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

How To Safely Remove HDB Window Grill

It is very common to come across window grills in these modern times and almost impossible to come across a modern house with no window grills. Traditionally window grills were typically used for security purposes, but their uses have been diversified with time. Nowadays, window grills are not only used for security purposes but they are also used for decorative purposes, barriers etc. Window grills can be made from iron, Aluminum, wood, stone and other metals. Aluminum and Iron are the common materials that make window grills in Singapore.
In Singapore all the housing matters are normally governed by the Housing and Development Board (HDB). This is the board that sets out guidelines on all matters related to housing, by the very virtue of being under housing (Window grills), they fall under the ambit of HDB. The Housing and Development Board does not establish window grills as a standard feature in its flat, whether they are sold or rented. This is normally because window grills are not considered essential in all households. However households with safety concerns can request HDB for installation of the window grills, though this is on a case to case basis. For instance if a household has children below the age of twelve, or has people with medical conditions such as hyperactivity, those households are considered eligible for installation of window grills by HDB.
HDB also provides room for rental tenants to install window grills on their own accord, so as to benefit from the advantages that window grills comes with. When a tenant decides to install window grills on his own accord, the board sets out guidelines that will ensure the tenant will preserve the distinctive features and the overall aesthetic appearance of HDB flat. For instance such tenants are required to engage HDB licensed window grills supplier to install their service yard grilles. The HDB licensed window grill supplier will manufacture the window grills according to the requirements and apply the necessary HDB permit. It is also a requirement (By HDB) that the windows must be similar in type, color and proportion to the original windows provided by HDB.

As stated earlier Aluminum and Iron made window grills are the ones that are very common in Singapore, this is mainly because they are secure and easy to maintain.

1. Iron Grille
When security is a priority in your home or office, then iron grills are simply the best for you. These wrought iron grills are strong and basically very hard to break into. Common criminals will not be able to break into these grills unless they are very smart and have sophisticated tools to break in. Basically there are two types of iron grills;

• Designed iron grills –These type of iron grills normally comes in various designs, it entirely depends with how the owner wants it.
• Slim grills – Slim grills only have two options, they are either horizontal or vertical. They are normally designed to minimize the view that is being blocked
Iron grill do have some disadvantages, one of its main disadvantage is that they normally rust in the long run. However this is not a disadvantage per se as you can galvanize the iron grails to prevent them from rusting.

2. Aluminum Grilles
Window grills can also be made by Aluminum, this is generally the most preferred material in Singapore when it comes to window grills. Aluminum grills have a lot of advantages, talk of being economical, rust free etcetera. Aluminum grills can either be horizontal, vertical or simply designed. In terms of security, iron grills offer the best security compared to Aluminum grills, this is because aluminum grills are normally hollow. Despite the fact that they are hollow, they are better than windows that lack them, such windows can be broken into within seconds.

Benefits Of Grills
Grills normally comes in with a lot of benefits some of the amazing benefits that window grills normally comes with include the following;

• They do offer security. Both iron grills and aluminum grills generally adds security to your home or office. A window without grills can be broken into, within a few seconds (This is basically by anyone who can smash). With grills, that’s a different case, since aluminum and iron grills are tough to break into. Unless you are dealing with smart criminals with sophisticated weapons, breaking iron and aluminum grills is never easy. When the two are compared (Aluminum and iron grills), iron grills can easily ranked highly in terms of security. Unlike iron grills, aluminum grills are hollow hence relatively easy to break into. With grills you will forever ensure that the standard of your window is not interfered with.

• Decoration.
Window grills are known to improve the ambience of the house and simply make the house beautiful. This can be achieved through any type of window grills and designs too. There are numerous designs of window grills and types that can easily make your house exquisite. 

• Rust resistance.
This is a benefit that aluminum grills do provide, they are normally rust resistant in nature. Iron grills too may be made to become rust resistant through galvanization, this will ensure they have a longer life span. 

• Low maintenance
.This is very common with Aluminum grills, once installed very minimum maintenance is required. On the other hand Iron grills may require galvanization once in a while, so as to prevent them from rusting. 

• Light weight and durable.
This is a benefit that Aluminum grills normally comes with, aluminum grills are known to be very light and durable too.

Guidelines for choosing window Grills in Singapore.
Choosing the best type of grill to install in your home or office has always been a tough choice to many. Here are some few tips to guide you before making that imperative decision’
The first thing is that, you should understand and know what you need for you window.

Naturally people will choose window grills based on the design of their windows and their homes generally. Apart from design and beauty, security too should be taken into consideration; as a matter of fact this is always a priority to majority of homeowners.
You need to have a budget plan. This is the amount allocated for installation of your window grills. Window grills of the best quality and design are normally expensive but durable and effective too.
With the best HDB, window grills you will be assured of satisfactory services and long lasting window grills.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Basic Rules You Need To Know When Installing an HBD Window Grill

Singapore’s HBD or Housing and Development Board has made tremendous efforts in ensuring that all the windows in the country are installed properly. All the windows of flats and houses have to undergo safety measures because once they do not meet the safety requirements, it’ll have to be taken down and replaced with a newer one. This particular move has made sure that the windows are built within Singapore’s safety standards. You can guarantee that all the windows are definitely safe and secure. 

Because of the strict implementation of the rules, a safe living environment both for children and adults have been created. This is why we have compiled all the things that you need to know when you are planning to install an HBD window grill. The rules and guidelines that you have to adhere to as you fix or install the window grills of your flat will depend as to what category your building belongs to.

The Basic Guidelines

*When Installing Grills at a Service Yard or a Balcony Parapet
HBD is requiring everyone to get a permit prior installing new window grills at a service yard or a balcony parapet, if there is any. With the case of flats that have been handed over during and after July 7, 2007, the grills of the windows have to be created with the designs that are approved by Singapore’s HBD. The officiating board has their own website and you can check the specific guidelines for window grill installation. You can also find in the same site all of the various designs they approve on the grills.

*Removing or Replacing Entirely the Rail Above a Balcony Wall 
Fortunately when it comes with removing and/or replacing the rail above a balcony wall, you wont need a permit to complete the entire process. However, this specific rule would only apply if your rails are made up of stainless steel or mild steel that is on top of a reinforced concrete parapet. Starting from where the finished floor meets the bottom part of the wall, it has to have a height of no less than a thousand millimeters. You need to remember this because this is usually where people get a violation as it is very easy to overlook. Also, the exposed steel bars have to be coated with a rust inhibitor for it to prevent from rusting. Two coats must be applied. The application must also be done prior the finishing work to create a cleaner and smoother outcome.

*Installation of a Different Metal Grill Design at a Balcony Interaction 
You would not be needing a permit from the housing board to get this accomplished. But then again, you need to adhere to specific guidelines or else they would ask you to have it replaced. The metal grills need to be not taller or higher than the actual unit. Also, the HBD forbids the storage of any combustible material within the balcony. This is also one of the many safety precautions that Singapore strictly implements when constructing buildings within their territory.

*Installing Metal Grills at a Double Storey End of an Executive Maisonette’s Balcony
You also wont need any permit from the HBD to have this done. However, you need to make sure that the metal grills are not protruding from the building’s facade. If they do, you need to get it fixed from the interior and not from outside. This would also apply when it comes with an internal metal grill installation regardless of its design and it does not matter whether it is situated in a window, in a balcony parapet or in a double storey balcony of a maisonette.

*Installing or Replacing a Window on a Parapet 
The housing board requires home and flat owners to get a permit when installing or replacing old window grills on a parapet. If your DBSS project or flat has been handed down to you during or after July 1, 2007, you wont have to worry on securing a permit.

Pure planter boxes or open balconies are provided with these options. The window panels have to get the exact measurements that is required by the board. For the casement window, it has to come in a 500 to 700 mm wide. The sliding window also needs to be from 500 to 1,200 mm only. As with the type, proportion and color scheme of the newly installed or replaced window grills of flats and houses that have been handed over on or after July 1, 2007, it must also be exactly the same when it has been released by the HBD.

*Internal Installation of a Bamboo Chick, a Venetian Blind or a Curtain Rail 
The HBD would not insist for you to get a permit before installing a Venetian blind, a bamboo chick or a curtain rail. That would be absolutely preposterous.

These are just the basic guidelines you need to remember before you install a window grill on your property. These renovation guidelines intended for window grills can also be found on the official website of Singapore’s Housing and Development Board.

There are also more examples that you can sift through if you want to get more design ideas for your window grills. When it comes with the replacement of a full height window in the country, that would be a no-no since it is forbidden by the HBD. This is the one of the most important rule you need not to ignore or overlook or else you would suffer consequences.

If you really insist in doing so, you may be permitted by the officiating board but only if you have the most valid reason. Like for example, it has been contaminated and you would suffer grave health deficiencies if you do not have it changed or if the frame is severely damaged and there is no other way to fix it.

From reading the entire article, you may feel bombarded with all the rules and regulations when all you wanted to do was just replace your window grill! You are not the only one that is experiencing this type of frustration. From the way we see it, the only thing you can do in order to avoid the complications that unfortunately comes with installing new grills is by hiring or getting in touch with your local licensed contractor. This will definitely save you lots and lots of time from stressing out on what to do and what you should not do. Plus, they’ll help you get the job done in a jiffy!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Aluminium vs Stainless Steel Gate

 As the population increase in Singapore, security can become a major challenge in homes. Therefore, gates play a vital role in ensuring safety in our homes and business premises. Gates are designed from a variety of materials such stainless steel and aluminum. In this article, we are going to make a comparison of some aspects between Aluminum vs Stainless steel gates. 


When it comes to rust, aluminum is not affected. Therefore, exposure to moisture is not an issue to aluminum gates. In places where a gate is exposed to elements such as moisture and oxygen, you will have no need to worry about rusting. The ability of aluminum to resist makes it more durable than stainless steel gate.

Stainless steel
When exposed to oxygen and water, steel will rust. If you are near the coast, where there is the presence of salt, the iron will rust quickly. Usually, the rusting of iron is prevents through galvanization. However, this often fails at holes, joints, and seams where the coating has been pierced. In most cases, the moisture and oxygen are trapped inside, and the gate will rust from inside. In this case, aluminum gates have a shorter lifespan when compared to aluminum gates.


Aluminum is light and cannot make a significant impact when it comes in contact with the object or persons. Therefore, aluminum is safer and cannot cause serious injuries on impact with individuals or objects. Installing aluminum gates in your home or business premises will give your no worry about the safety of your pets or kids during the opening and closing of the gate.

Stainless steel 
Stainless steel can triple the weight of the aluminum. When swung open, this massive structure can pose serious hazards to anyone that gets in its way. Moreover, stopping a stainless steel gate can be very harder hence more dangerous. The heavyweight steel gate at your home can pose more danger to your family and pets during opening and closing of the gate.


Aluminum is easier to automate than stainless steel. Its light weight allows the motor to work with little effort and last longer. In this case, the gate requires less expensive gate openers due to its light weight. Aluminum will not put much strain on the gears to stop the gate in motion. Also, the aluminum gate will not bend when it is hit by an obstacle it has less likelihood of bending hence less damage to mountings for gate opener.

Stainless steel 
Heavy-weight is the most limiting factor to the automation of the steel gate. In this case, you will need more advanced and sophisticated gate openers. Moreover, the heavy weight of the stainless steel gate will put much strain on the gears making it had to stop the gate in motion.

DIY installation 

Aluminum is light weight making the drill work easier. Lifting the gate in place will not require a team of laborers. In fact, two people can easily lift the aluminum gate and put it in place to the required position. When fitting the gate with gate openers and accessories, one bit will be enough for drilling work. Since the aluminum gate installation requires less manpower, the installation is also cheaper compared to the stainless steel gate.

Stainless steel 
The heavy weight makes the installation of the stainless steel a difficult task. Positioning the gate to the position is a daunting task and requires many people for the job. In most cases, it requires up to 20 people to install the gate- the work that could have been done by 2 people for the aluminum gate. Moreover, drilling work is the biggest headache for installing this gate as the drill bits are made of steel. Moreover, the installation of stainless steel gate is more expensive due to more manpower required for installation.


Coating an aluminum gate is easier and can be done with specialized durable powder that creates a thin layer of a protective coating. In this case, the aluminum gate can be coated to match your desired style. In this case, it will be much easier to customize the color of your aluminum gate to need to meet your needs.

Stainless steel
Stainless steel gates cannot be easily painted to meet your desired needs. In most cases, the stainless steel has to be powder coated to prevent exposure to rust. The standard coating powder looks nice when finished, but can look ugly when chipped or scratched.

It should be noted that coating powder is not paint and can get heated into a shell. However, there is no successful way to touch up the gap which results from cracked off shell. For steel gate, you will need a regular checkup to avoid “rust smacking”.

Material resilience 

The 6060-T6 aluminum is a high-quality has yield strength of up to 35,000 pounds per square inch. In this case, the aluminum is much stronger than stainless steel that has yield strength of about 25,000 pounds per square inch. In this case, aluminum gates absorb pressure without distorting its shape. Moreover, aluminum resists snapping because of its high level of flexibility – like that of an airplane wing. The aluminum yields to pressure exerted on it and regain its original form when the pressure is released.

Stainless steel 
Bending and denting is a common problem with stainless steel. However, the steel has to be thinner to prevent denting. Steel does not resume shape after exerting the pressure. In this case, the steel gauge should be higher to withstand denting. As the gauge goes up, the weight and cost also rise. In this case, the ease of installation and safety goes down.

Moreover, some costs associated with denting of the stainless steel gate can be overlooked. In this case, the brackets for automation have to be placed in exact positions. Denting shift this placement leading to broken parts and more stress. Also, weight is a factor that leads to an increase in momentum that increases the force when the gate hits something. In this case, the yield strength of the stainless steel is much lower than that of the aluminum gate.

Monday, March 21, 2016

What are Double Glazing Windows?

Noise from various sources can cause severe irritation. As Singapore is a small country it is quite obvious that all the parts of it are fully developed with well furnished roads. As the roads pass by your house, vehicles will run on the roads. The honking sound of the vehicles can be pretty annoying as compared to any other noises. Apart from that at times you hear the sound of the dogs barking outside. During construction of buildings and others various machines are used. These machines make unbearable noise. Some people have problems with sleeping while noise is on outside. The noise can be very disturbing for children for concentrating on studies. Apart from that noise can be a source of various diseases. Single glazed windows can protect you from the bad effects noise to some extent but not sufficient. There come the double glazed windows in facilitating you a soundproof room.

What is the mechanism employed for double glazing windows?
These windows follow simple construction procedure with two glass panes separated by air gap. Depending upon manufacturer the air gap can be of variant lengths. The air gap between the glasses acts as the impediment for the sound coming from outside. The air gap is generally filled with non-reacting gases. These gases have the capacity to obstruct the noise from transmission. Apart from the heavy gases, the windows make use of a fortified frame made of mostly aluminium. The aluminium frame is also made with insulation fibres that again obstruct sound from transmitting from outside.

How much noise these windows are capable of stopping?
People have wrong notion that these windows have the capability to stop the noise by 100 percent. This is by far impossible in the present days. The transmission of noise in to your house may depend upon the architecture and design of your walls. Some of the noise enters your house through the walls. If you are able to fortify your walls from transmitting the noise through, then you may be able to achieve your dream of having almost 100 percent soundproof room. Without such architecture, you can reduce amount of noise substantially by using the windows. This is approximately 30 to 40 percent reduction in the noise levels. Most of the people consider this level of the noise as the tolerable level.

Do you need to replace your existing windows to install these windows?
It solely depends on you and the estate management. If you wish to replace your existing windows and your estate management denies it, you don’t need to be worried about installation of these windows. These windows can well be installed over your existing windows without any technical difficulty. If everything goes fine with the permission of the estate management and your will, you can get your existing windows replaced with the double glazing ones.

What type of houses can accommodate these types of windows?
These windows are suitable for both commercial and residential purposes. These can also be used in industrial areas where you have offices inside the industry. You can use these in your house. With the permission of your estate management, you can use the windows in the condo and HDB. These windows always fit in to office to provide you an environment free from noise and will to work.

Features of the Double glazing windows that are rarely known

* Double glazing windows have thermal insulation prowess better than the single glazing ones  
Most of you may not realise the importance of windows in preventing the flow of heat from outside to inside. The double glazing ones have the capability to stop the heat flowing from outside to inside. The extent up to which the windows can be able to resist the flow of heat inside can be measured with the help of the U-Value. This value is governed by the international standard based on Australian model. You can verify the same in the website of windows energy rating. While choosing these windows, you should be careful about checking U-value of the windows if you are concerned about the heat and insulation. Windows with low U-values are considered as the better windows.

*These windows are highly energy efficient
If you prefer the cooler air of the outer environment, you may not need to use these windows in place where there is no noise. If you are in a building with the air condition running 365 days, you must install these windows. These windows provide great insulation by not allowing the outer air to enter your house. In the same way these windows don’t let the inner cool air to go outside easily. Your air condition doesn’t need much energy to run. It means you are going to pay fewer bills for energy use even if you run your air condition 24*7.

* These windows support the green environment mission in a way better than the other windows
With the fortified construction, these windows prevent noise from entering your house. This is how your room remains not only free from noise but also free from any sort of pollutants. These windows don’t allow the heat to enter your house and in turn keep you in a cool atmosphere. Last but not the least, these windows save a lot of energy that you would have spent in terms of electrical energy for running your air conditioners. This is how these windows support the green environment mission in great ways.

Are you going to get these windows with your limited budget?
As these windows can be installed without the need of replacing your existing windows, you won’t have to pay to your installing agent the fees for dismantling the existing windows. Apart from that you can get these windows installed in your limited budget. If you don’t think you can be able to use these in all of your windows, you can install these in some of the selected places of your house. There are three essential places where you can use these windows such as bed room, your baby’s room and the study room of your kids. Apart from that a little higher U-value may help you save some of money that you wouldn’t like to spend.