Friday, May 20, 2011

Choosing Window Grilles For Your Home

Safety is always of the utmost priority. Safety about your home, work and life is always in the mind. Putting on a military t shirt does not warren protection from the army. A good home security system would come in place. The first weakness in a home’s security, are the windows. Hence, a window bar would provide this additional security.

Listed below, are the wide range of materials there are available for window bars:

Aluminium bars are a hit with homeowners due to its lightweight and strong properties. Due to its lightweight, the strain on its support (the concrete) around the bars would be minimal.

Strong and hard to break, steel bars would not rust due to it being rust resistant treated.

Iron bars are extremely strong; however they are heavy and prone to rust.

The designs available for grills are as below:

Hinged grills contain a metal frame that is installed on the exterior of the window. This grill can be used as an emergency exit in times of emergency.

This kind of grill is immovable. Hence removes the property of the window as an emergency exit.

Accordion grills include an exterior metal window frame and runners. This allows the grills to move back and forth on the runners. Runners are hinged towards the concrete.

Period grills are mainly used in buildings that preserve ancient landmarks and monuments. These grills may prevent movements during construction or renovations.

The list is exhaustive and there are a number of other kinds, types and material of bars. Select according to affordability as well as purpose.