Sunday, September 9, 2012

Are Aluminum Gates Easy to Maintain?

Are Aluminum Gates Easy to Maintain?

Installed a new aluminum gates in your home and if you wondered how can it be maintained with less hassle? Look no further as we would introduce steps on how to keep your aluminum gates maintained but yet with ease!

Let’s start off with the weight of the aluminum gates, it is well known for its light weight and yet strong structural integrity. Therefore, when it comes to the pillars or walls, hinges and hinge screws. All it needs is some visual inspection and not much to worry about as you do this form of maintenance. As due to it’s light weight, you will observe that over a long time of using aluminum gates, there isn’t any obvious damages on it except to pay special attention to the gate hinges which require some lubrication to the moving parts of the hinges.

Next, we would want to consider stains which are often present on aluminum gates used over a long period of time without cleaning. There will be firstly, dust particles present, water stains and etc. Believe this or not, but with a simple duster to brush away the dust as the first step before wet washing which includes the use of a small amount of liquid detergent or homecare liquid wash and wiped clean with the use of a cleaning rag or other easy to use relevant household cleaning devices. Now, this is possible due to aluminum gates are resistant to corrosion and hence water and some liquid detergent is not a danger of causing any corrosive damage to the gates.

And did you know that as aluminum gates do not rust or corrode, it is highly subjected to oxidizing? What this means to the effect on the aluminum gates is being changed from its previous manufactured colour and its exterior will become much rougher than before oxidization took place.
Simple steps can be taken to restore this condition of oxidization that occurred to almost original state.

First of all, using small amount of detergent and wet cleaning rag will get the job done. And if necessary, use some cleaning wax to maintain its shine and smoothen the aluminum gate surfaces.
Structural integrity is what we want to focus on next and how we can take steps to prevent damages onto the aluminum gates.

The property of aluminum is due to it is not affected by corrosion at all which makes it one of the most durable type of materials to be made into gates. However, as strong as it is, special care must be taken not to cause any hard bumping into these types of gate. The reason being is it is a very malleable form of material and it is easily damaged when pierced at directly with a sharp object or sharp edges of furniture made of much harder materials like steel.

And take special care that high heat is not present near the aluminum gates. This is due to aluminum gates are strongest at low temperature. Therefore preventing heat from damaging the structural integrity of the aluminum gates is an important factor to take note of.

With these tips on how to maintain aluminum gates, the gates maintained by you will be in great condition and long lasting usage as well.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Benefits Of Soundproof Window

Benefits Of Soundproof Window

You just collected the keys to your new house.  You have chosen the unit because of its ideal location – not too far from the Express Way so you can drive to work easily, a stone’s throw away from the MRT station so those family members who don’t drive can get around conveniently too and next to eateries so your daily meals problems are solved.  You are so thrilled when the day of shifting into your dream home comes!  However, at night when you sleep, you begin to hear moving traffic coming from the Express Way, while to some it may sound like a lullaby but to a light sleeper, such continuous roar of traffic sounds is a nuisance.  Having hardly slept throughout the night, you could be awakened by the vrooming sounds coming from those old MRT trains at the crack of dawn.  On late evenings, you probably hear noises coming from the nearby eateries as people are chatting away, and the nightmare will be staring at you daily if these eateries are opened for 24 hours!

Maybe the cheapest way to cut off such noises with minimal efforts is to put on ear plugs, with ear plugs you can live quietly in the house, oblivious to the noise outside.  However, you simply can’t wear ear plugs all the time, as they are not only uncomfortable, you will also find yourself isolated for failing to interact with your family members. Besides, don’t you want to be able to watch your favourite programs on television or online?  Another possible way is to put something against the window to hopefully block off the noise e.g. thick cardboard, plywood or thick foam.  However, having an unsightly piece at the window not only destroys the aesthetics of your home, there will be no light entering your home and you will no longer be able to enjoy the view or know what is happening outside, defeating the very purpose of windows.

What else can you do then? You can reduce the noise level by installing sound proof windows. Sound proof windows generally take the form of having two glass sheets separated by a metal frame and properly sealed, thereby creating a vacuum.  As sound does not travel through vacuum, this forms as insulation from noise.  Other soundproof windows are made of special type of glass to block off the noise.  Besides reducing noise pollution, sound proof windows also help to reduce heat coming into the house, thereby giving you not only a quieter but also a cooler dwelling place. Furthermore, your neighbour will also be grateful not to hear any noise coming from your house!

Whilst the reduction is not 100%, the effectiveness can be more than 80% depending on the type of noise, extent of noise pollution and which floor you are staying in; experts providing sound proof windows would be better able to assess and advise you accordingly.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Proper Maintaining and Servicing of Gates

Proper Maintaining and Servicing of Gates

All type of properties whether industrial, commercial or residential needs entrance gates for not only making remarkable first impressions but to protect the premises. Gates reduce the chances of intruders from breaking into your premises. It has been seen that property values are increased after installing the gates. It also helps to minimise the disruption from trespassers. Nowadays gates come in variety of types and designs with modern technology such as sliding gates, remote controlled, CCTV controlled, bars, parking arms or even simple swinging gates. Modern and high technology means services as well as maintenance become a vital part in keeping building operation safe.

Swinging gates are more graceful and requires less maintenance on daily basis compared to sliding gates. On the other hand, sliding gates offer fewer mandatory entries and more admission control. If you have spent a good value on any type of gate then to maintain its automation is your responsibility. You can do quick checks on the system now and then to ensure long lasting quality of the device. Simple tasks like alignment, greasing hinges and wheels with appropriate lubricant and keeping the tracks clean will help for smooth manoeuvrings. Sometimes litter which gets stuck inside the control board causes big damages. Pests can ruin electrical wiring on the control board so it’s important to always keep the machine clean. Resetting of the codes of remote control is also part of maintenance and it adds a safety aspect as well. Cut back any plant growth that impedes the gate. Having clear, visible sign of automated gates also helps to avoid forced entry by first timer visitors. Noticeable signs will protect gates from impact and crushing in the opening area. 

Ignoring the servicing and maintenance can land you in trouble like you may find yourself locked out of your own property on a wet weather. Sometimes minor faults can cause the disruption in the operation of gates. It’s good to have a cost effective maintenance and service contract with a professional servicing agency. Faults such as replacement of any parts or underground mechanism damaged by blockage of holes are beyond our control. These agents provide periodic service and maintenance at reasonable prices. The most embarrassing and worst possible time of your life can be when the valuable gate suddenly ‘stops working’. Gates’ lifespan can be protected by frequent checks and inspection for great quality service.   

In the market, there is a wide range of gates made of aluminium, wrought iron and etc. operated electrically. You can’t look after gates all by yourself unless you have the knowledge of the mechanism. You have to keep up to date to avoid from getting off beam forever. Best way is to go for regular maintenance and services to prolong your investment. That will reduce the amount of likely pricey breakdown. The gates which operate efficiently and reliably will definitely put best visual impression on the customer about your business.         

Monday, July 2, 2012

Wrought Iron or Aluminum Grilles

Wrought Iron or Aluminum Grilles

For windows or door gates, wrought iron or aluminum grilles are the more common choices to ensure security in our home or office premises. The question herein is which one is better?

Wrought iron grilles seem like the better choice as they provide more hardness and weight to ward off any intruders. What about for beauty sake, do we need to stick on to the rule of enforcing harness and weight in the designing and installing of such grilles? Wrought aluminum has a lighter touch than solid wrought iron grilles. But craftsmanship nowadays will make such differences becoming more irrelevant. Thus when we decide which material to use for window or door grilles, the most interesting part of it should still be the designing and the implementation of your selected or custom-made grilles.

Wrought aluminum grilles are lighter, but durable for home protection, the powder coating enable them to be anti-rust and long-lasting. The price is lower than wrought iron grilles, so it all boils down to how much you would like to spend.

For wrought iron grilles, do check whether they will corrode fast if they are not galvanized for that purpose. If you have to touch them by your hands, you would not want to feel the rust all over your hands or seeing dropping bits from the grilles creating unsightly scenes.

If you are more on security for your home or office premises, then think no more to select wrought iron grilles, or else if you just want something nice and could provide a good enough shield, or simply preventing accidental falls for installing window grilles, then wrought aluminum grilles would be perfect for budget conscious clients.

If you are not even thinking of any above, then go straight to select your favourite designs. Check on other things like the cost and how long it would take to install or customize. And of course the maintenance part of it, do they corrode easily, stuff like that.

For designs on wrought or aluminium grilles, you’ll be mesmerized by the vast selections, so do spend more time on that if either wrought or aluminium grilles are all right for you.

In short, both wrought iron and aluminum grilles are good, and it depends on your preference. If you want more hardness for safety reasons so that you can sleep well without worrying about burglars entering your house easily, choose wrought iron grilles. If you think wrought aluminum grilles look more pleasant and also cheaper, then you have made the right decision. If you don’t belong to either of the categories, well then you need only to focus on the lovely designs that are in store for you.

Friday, June 22, 2012

How to Choose Gates for HDB

How to Choose Gates for HDB

Gate for the entrance of our flat is beneficial to us as it provide solid security providing us with a “peace of mind, and if you have pets or children at home, you will be able to breeze open or close even with them around! Though with high technologies such as Closed-circuit television (CCTV) installed outside our flat and Singapore is protected by our police force with high efficiency rate. The presence of strong metal gate will definitely make a difference to our security.

Gate is basically the first things that greet all our guests. Choosing and installing a modern & stylish gate would surely whet the appetite of what your home will be like behind your closed door. Many of us understand that gate is like an extra accessories to our home which will also leave an impression to our flat. The standard gate when we bought over the flat may not be appealing so many of us will seek assistance from manufacturer to customize or by a new gate according to our preference.
When we bought the flat, it may be a standard aluminium framed gates. Many of us change to customize galvanized wrought iron gate which are proven to be stronger and longer lifespan. Wrought iron gate can bring splendid charm and beauty to the exterior decoration of our flat. It will be able to change the look of your home.

A few tips choosing the right gate:
1.    Set a budget for your gate
2.    Decide the material of gate
3.    Choose the style of your gate
4.    Seek help professional to measure the area where you wish to place a gate

Aluminium Wrought Singapore installs various types of gate for all residential and commercial in Singapore such as:
1.    Door Gates
2.    Iron Gates
3.    Driveway Gates
4.    Fence Gates

Our recommendation will be wrought iron gate, not normal steel gate as there is a difference in durability and strength. For wrought iron, it can be customized into your desired shapes for your gates and there is also a variety of available ready-made gates in the market too.

Aluminium Wrought Singapore provides gate solutions offering aesthetics, cost effective and security to all our clients. We ensure that all gates are installed perfectly with proper locks. We pride ourselves in providing reliable service and quality workmanship. We do not believe to advertise the cheapest price to attract more clients. We believe in serving all our clients honesty at an affordable and reasonable price.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Choosing Sliding Windows for Home

Choosing Sliding Windows for Home

Sliding window is also labelled as slider window. Windows are an essential factor of our residential or commercial building. While planning to renovate or redecorate your building, people plan to be more particular on other things like expanding the space size, etc. and neglecting to plan for windows. Actually windows are the most crucial; they can enable you to get fresh air.

What is a sliding window? It is a window that has one sliding pane and one fixed pane. The sliding pane left and right to open or close along a track inside the window frame. Sliding window is a common choice as they can offer a large unobstructed views and brightening up a room. Sliding windows is value for money and functionality and also known for their good looks. In today’s market, there is an extensive range of available choice of colours.

You might want to consider about the location, colours and sizes of sliding windows in your buildings, you need to decide where your furnishing should be kept. Windows offer provide almost the same benefits, no matter which type you choose. Sliding windows offer many major benefits such as:-

Durable– Sliding windows does not require any springs or pulleys, as we understand that components often wear and tear and you may be require changing those parts which might add to your maintenance costs.

Easy to operate – If you wish to open up to allow fresh air in, you could simply unlock the latch and just slide either left or right. It will be quiet and smooth sliding motion. This will usually lead to less expense and less lifetime maintenance.

Low Maintenance – Sliding windows require few parts and they are cost-effective for residential houses. Occasionally owners just have to lubricate the slider and vacuum out the dust that is trapped in the window track.

High Functionality – Most sliding windows include window glazing, it will improve the energy efficiency and insulation for your flat. Electrical bills will decrease in a long run and it will provide a healthier environment for you and your loved ones from harmful ultra-violet rays.

Security – Sliding window should be locked with the appropriate window hardware. You must replace your locks if they are wearing out.

Always find a company who build their reputation on being particular on your requirements and existing clients are satisfied with them. Seek recommendation and choose two to three companies to compare the prices before narrowing down to one reliable company.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Benefits of Soundproof Windows

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Benefits of soundproof windows

Having unwanted noise which annoyed you? Then installing soundproof windows will be your best solution. It is acoustically engineered to act as a sound barrier from entering the flat. Soundproof windows for your rooms will be an ideal choice for any places if you suffer excessive noise due to the vicinity of a heavy traffic area, expressways or noisy neighbours and etc. will greatly beneficial from the installation of soundproof windows.
Soundproofing will help to reduce stress, improving sleep quality and reducing complaints. As you are unlikely to hear any noise pollution from exterior, and exterior will be unable to hear what comes out from your interior. This can also help to sell your home as it create an advantage over your competitors and add values if you are selling homes near busy expressways and traffic areas.
What is the amount of noise level soundproof window can reduce?
Soundproof windows act as a sound barrier that can reduce noise levels up till 95% which will be able to eliminate the exterior noise pollution.
How soundproof window is installed?
Soundproof windows are “second” windows that are laminated and improving security. It is installed behind your existing windows – You are not required to replace or remove your existing windows and it will open and close just like your existing windows. Soundproof windows are virtually invisible designed to complement your existing windows. At the same time, soundproof windows will still maintain your existing exterior look.
With regard to security and protection purposes, soundproof windows are laminated and offer a ‘peace of mind’ by preventing break-ins from happening as it is difficult to break and when they break, they tend to create a lot of noise. Laminated windows contain a special interlayer that will resists up to 99% of sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. This will help to protect your furnishings and your loved ones.
Few major benefits of Soundproof Windows:
Reduce & solve noise pollution
No replaced or removal of windows
Excellent sound barrier
Create a relaxing environment
Improve property value
Safety & Secure
Aluminium Wrought Singapore offers soundproof window. We have many clients that vastly improved the values of their homes by installing soundproof windows. Many clients credit our workmanship and windows. As soundproof windows reduce your household or office energy bills as it can reduce up to 40% of heat and cooling loss. We have built our reputation on being particular and caution to all our workmanship and quality of soundproof windows. We offer the utmost competitive rates and satisfaction guaranteed.

Your safety & satisfaction is directly tied in us.
Feel free to call us for non-obligatory information.
Dial for us today! “Noise Pollution is never a problem anymore!”

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Advantages of Soundproof Windows

Soundproof windows
Experiencing problems such as- inconsiderate neighbors making a din and noises in the wee hours around your estate? Having troubles concentrating your work during the day or at night due to noisy environment? The best solution above these problems would be installing sound proof windows in your homes. Many of us might think that soundproof windows would cost a sum of money but nowadays, soundproof windows are not solely exclusive for the rich but everyone because the price range is affordable.
There are many advantages to why one should install soundproof windows. Soundproof windows are not a hundred percent soundproof; it can only reduce the noise level up to ninety percent soundproof which is good enough for most of us. A majority has the misconception that noise is transmitted by walls; which is not true at all. Noise level is determined by the types of windows you have at home.
Here are some of the advantages of installing soundproof windows at home:
·         Soundproof windows increases the value of your property- if you are planning to sell your house within five years then there is no harm in increasing the value of your current homes; it would be easier for you to sell your house in future
·         Soundproof windows are made up of high quality material; therefore, it is very durable and shatterproof. This helps to save cost because you do not have to get it replaced regularly.
·         Soundproof windows helps to maintain your health as it improves the quality of air in your homes, it helps to get rid almost a hundred percent of dirt and dust entering from your windows
·         Soundproof windows are like any other windows; it helps to safe guard your house against thieves
·         Soundproof windows also helps to block out harm ultraviolet rays from penetrating into your homes
·         Soundproof windows are beneficial to people who have very irregular sleeping patterns
·         Soundproof windows also helps to maintain the temperature in your house when the air conditioner is switched on because it helps to maintain the cool air in your house; this helps you to save up on your utility bills
·         Last but not least, soundproof windows help to reduce noise pollution; this is good for baby’s room, sleeping or studying rooms but it is most advisable to get it installed around your house (depending on your budget)

With all of the above mentioned, one should get their soundproof windows installed at home if noise pollution is their main concern. In summary, the benefits of installing soundproof window outweighs the cost of installing it.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wrought Iron Railings

Wrought iron railings can be traced back to ancient British era. Despite the fact, wrought iron railing is still in high demand in this modern day. These railings will give your house a contemporary yet modern look and there are plentiful of design that you can choose. You must be wondering why people kept coming back to wrought iron railings and why are there in great demand?

There are many points why these railing are in high demand over the centuries. The very most basic point is that iron is sturdy and durable against all weathers conditions. Furthermore, if you would do a comparison, cast iron will be less durable than wrought iron and cast iron will tends to rust faster than wrought iron. That would literally mean that wrought iron does not require any much maintenance and can last longer.

Another point that why certain people are “hardcore” fans of wrought iron railings is these iron enable people to have a wide selection of designs and provide your house to have either a contemporary or modern look. These iron railings had been widely used back in 16th century and research had shown that there is no sign of any out dated trends yet. Furthermore, back in those days, wrought iron is expensive than the price now, hence is a good choice in using wrought iron railings. Those olden days, only the wealthy family can afford to have wrought or cast iron railings. Due to modern welding technology, iron is much cheaper and affordable.

There are many types of those wrought iron railings. Wrought iron railings designs may varies depending on where you require them to be in your house. The very common types of wrought iron railings are interior railings, exterior railings, stair railings, commercial railings garden railings and of course balcony railings etc. Patterns can range from normal horizontal bar shaped to nature floral shaped, pointed spear headed to blunt club headed. Thus, wrought iron railings designs are readily available in many patterns and sizes which able for home owners to customize their desire designs.

In general, thanks to the increasing improvement in the technology, when comes to choosing the designs of iron railings, you have more and attractive designs to select. Since, you are being “spoils” for the choice of designs, you would need to make a great decision if you require for contemporary or modern design for your house.