Monday, July 30, 2012

Benefits Of Soundproof Window

Benefits Of Soundproof Window

You just collected the keys to your new house.  You have chosen the unit because of its ideal location – not too far from the Express Way so you can drive to work easily, a stone’s throw away from the MRT station so those family members who don’t drive can get around conveniently too and next to eateries so your daily meals problems are solved.  You are so thrilled when the day of shifting into your dream home comes!  However, at night when you sleep, you begin to hear moving traffic coming from the Express Way, while to some it may sound like a lullaby but to a light sleeper, such continuous roar of traffic sounds is a nuisance.  Having hardly slept throughout the night, you could be awakened by the vrooming sounds coming from those old MRT trains at the crack of dawn.  On late evenings, you probably hear noises coming from the nearby eateries as people are chatting away, and the nightmare will be staring at you daily if these eateries are opened for 24 hours!

Maybe the cheapest way to cut off such noises with minimal efforts is to put on ear plugs, with ear plugs you can live quietly in the house, oblivious to the noise outside.  However, you simply can’t wear ear plugs all the time, as they are not only uncomfortable, you will also find yourself isolated for failing to interact with your family members. Besides, don’t you want to be able to watch your favourite programs on television or online?  Another possible way is to put something against the window to hopefully block off the noise e.g. thick cardboard, plywood or thick foam.  However, having an unsightly piece at the window not only destroys the aesthetics of your home, there will be no light entering your home and you will no longer be able to enjoy the view or know what is happening outside, defeating the very purpose of windows.

What else can you do then? You can reduce the noise level by installing sound proof windows. Sound proof windows generally take the form of having two glass sheets separated by a metal frame and properly sealed, thereby creating a vacuum.  As sound does not travel through vacuum, this forms as insulation from noise.  Other soundproof windows are made of special type of glass to block off the noise.  Besides reducing noise pollution, sound proof windows also help to reduce heat coming into the house, thereby giving you not only a quieter but also a cooler dwelling place. Furthermore, your neighbour will also be grateful not to hear any noise coming from your house!

Whilst the reduction is not 100%, the effectiveness can be more than 80% depending on the type of noise, extent of noise pollution and which floor you are staying in; experts providing sound proof windows would be better able to assess and advise you accordingly.