Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Proper Maintaining and Servicing of Gates

Proper Maintaining and Servicing of Gates

All type of properties whether industrial, commercial or residential needs entrance gates for not only making remarkable first impressions but to protect the premises. Gates reduce the chances of intruders from breaking into your premises. It has been seen that property values are increased after installing the gates. It also helps to minimise the disruption from trespassers. Nowadays gates come in variety of types and designs with modern technology such as sliding gates, remote controlled, CCTV controlled, bars, parking arms or even simple swinging gates. Modern and high technology means services as well as maintenance become a vital part in keeping building operation safe.

Swinging gates are more graceful and requires less maintenance on daily basis compared to sliding gates. On the other hand, sliding gates offer fewer mandatory entries and more admission control. If you have spent a good value on any type of gate then to maintain its automation is your responsibility. You can do quick checks on the system now and then to ensure long lasting quality of the device. Simple tasks like alignment, greasing hinges and wheels with appropriate lubricant and keeping the tracks clean will help for smooth manoeuvrings. Sometimes litter which gets stuck inside the control board causes big damages. Pests can ruin electrical wiring on the control board so it’s important to always keep the machine clean. Resetting of the codes of remote control is also part of maintenance and it adds a safety aspect as well. Cut back any plant growth that impedes the gate. Having clear, visible sign of automated gates also helps to avoid forced entry by first timer visitors. Noticeable signs will protect gates from impact and crushing in the opening area. 

Ignoring the servicing and maintenance can land you in trouble like you may find yourself locked out of your own property on a wet weather. Sometimes minor faults can cause the disruption in the operation of gates. It’s good to have a cost effective maintenance and service contract with a professional servicing agency. Faults such as replacement of any parts or underground mechanism damaged by blockage of holes are beyond our control. These agents provide periodic service and maintenance at reasonable prices. The most embarrassing and worst possible time of your life can be when the valuable gate suddenly ‘stops working’. Gates’ lifespan can be protected by frequent checks and inspection for great quality service.   

In the market, there is a wide range of gates made of aluminium, wrought iron and etc. operated electrically. You can’t look after gates all by yourself unless you have the knowledge of the mechanism. You have to keep up to date to avoid from getting off beam forever. Best way is to go for regular maintenance and services to prolong your investment. That will reduce the amount of likely pricey breakdown. The gates which operate efficiently and reliably will definitely put best visual impression on the customer about your business.