Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Invisible Window Grilles vs Normal Window Grilles

Invisible Window Grilles vs Normal Window Grilles

Whenever you move into a residential or commercial property first of all you focus on the safety and security measures taken there. Window grilles are taken as the most effective security measure in any kind of building since long but they have not been ineffective even after the introduction of various modern security tools like CCTV surveillance or burglar alarms etc. The window grilles are being used for this purpose till now as additional and important security measure alongwith modern techniques to provide a complex security setup. Different types of window grilles are used these days for the purpose of security as well as enhancing beauty of the place like wrought iron grill, invisible grill and aluminium grilletc. alongwith traditional normal window grilles.

The traditional normal window grilles are easy to install and are being used since long for the safety of all types of buildings, residential and commercial. These days large glass windows are mostly used in every type of building to enhance the outer few but these glasses can be easily broken with a few stones to enter into the building if they are not protected with grille. Though there are several other modern security tools used these days for this purpose but mostly people avoid them either due to their cost or their ineffectiveness after the passage of time. so normal window grilles also play an important role in the safety of a building.

On the other hand invisible window grilles are also easy to install but they need the help of skilled technician for this purpose. One can hardly notice invisible grill once it is installed perfectly as your naked eye can hardly discriminate it. These types of grills are usually used to save the building from burglars but as a secondary use they are also used to save the kids and adults from tipping over the parapet or balconies.

The cables used in invisible grill are rigorously tested through various trials to test their durability and ensure their potential before installing in any of your property, residential as well as commercial. These grilles have to pass through high tension tests even if they are coated with anti-rust spray and very clear epoxy to sure about everything related to the security of the building and its inhabitants.

Since the security system involving invisible grill is made of 2 mm stainless steel but still it is not visible to the naked eye as its name suggests. This invisibility is due to the way of its designing which enables you to enjoy unobstructed view out of your window.

Though you can also use other types of window grills like aluminium grill or wrought iron grill alongwith invisible grill or normal grill but it may not be deemed to be advisable as it can also increase your maintenance cost. Over use of window grilles in a building also attract the attention of the burglars as you are protecting something precious for you.

Thus after considering the comparison between normal grill and invisible grill given in this article you can choose either of them for your windows.