Thursday, November 19, 2015

How Much Does Aluminium Window Grill Cost?

In the days of old, a window grill was simply a dull vertical or horizontal iron bar design. Not only were their design plain, but also their cost was expensive. Advancements in technology such as metal bending and aluminium extraction has redefined the purpose, design and general aspects of window grills. Today window grills such as aluminium window grills are rich in design, attractive in appeal, low on cost and are fortified to provide enhanced security. This is achieved through the combination of protective low cost material and decorative looks.

Types of window grilles

Window grilles in Singapore are available in various types and designs. You can find decorative window grill types that are fabricated with wrought iron to come up with a strong and elegant window grill. Unobstuctive invisible grills are another popular window grill type. It is made of thin steel. There is also a range of aluminium window grills, which come with various designs of lattice frames. These are preferred because of their rich design, appeal and general feel. They are “green” and environmental friendly. They are also elegant, simple and appealing to the eye as they come in a range of different sizes, colours and designs.

Finding the right window grill at the desired cost in Singapore is not a hard thing today. There are many great options available to choose from. Additionally, you can also find a number of impressive customization options that will suit your individual design and security needs. Depending on a number of factors like size, material and design, your window grill will be available in a short time and at a low cost. This way you can have the desired window grilles at range that is within your budget for your hope improvement project.

Why aluminium window grill?

While Singapore offers window grilles fabricated from metal materials like iron and steel. However, these kind of metals tend to wear out, rust and require frequent maintenance. Exposure to the elements will leave your iron window grill rusty and unattractive. This will also affect it strength and the promise of a good fortified security. In the long run, you will have to repair bad parts or replace the whole unit all together should the corrosion have caused damage beyond repair. Steel and iron materials are generally heavy metals in feel and hence will cost you more to acquire.

Aluminium is a suitable material for your window grill as compared to steel and iron. Aluminium window grilles are usually more appealing as compared to its iron and steel counterparts. There are many reasons that make aluminium the most suitable material for window grills.

Aluminium is generally lighter than other metallic materials. For this, the material is easy to bend into numerous impressive customized designs. Also, because of this lightness, doors and windows grilles made of aluminium are easy to open or slide. Furthermore, they will not make annoying sounds as doors and windows whose grilles are made of heavy metal types.

Aluminium offers an impressive resistance ability and robustness. it has a high mechanical advantage hence making it a strong barrier. Furthermore, there are some heavy-duty aluminium window grilles that are available and will guarantee the necessary security for your home and family.

Aluminium window grilles are generally easy to maintain. Aluminium is resistant to effect of the elements, which makes it an impressive choice of window grill for those living in areas with adverse weather conditions or precipitation. Powder coating technology is also available to ensure that your aluminium window grill is durable. Spills on your window grill can easily be wiped out on aluminium grilles as compared to iron or steel grilles.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about aluminium window grilles is its availability and affordability. Unlike iron and steel, aluminium is affordable and window grilles made of aluminium are of low cost. 1mm non-hollow Aluminium with bar will go for about S$8.80 per square foot while 2mm non-hollow Aluminium will go at about S$11.80 per square foot.

Why choose us?

Our range of aluminium window grills come in rich designs and elegant finishes to ensure that your home appeals to the eye. They are durable and strong to ensure protection. We have installed thousands of aluminium window grilles for Singapore homeowners and you can be assured that we offer good quality window grills at an unbeatable cost.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Is Sliding Window A Good Option for HDB?

Many people are interested with the sliding window. This unit has a lot of benefits for all homeowners today. This type of window can be installed in the HDB units in Singapore easily. It can be a great option for people who live in HDB unit. There are some benefits that you can get from this window. If you want to find the best window for your HDB unit, you may want to consider using this window. This window is available in some home improvement stores these days. Here are some benefits that you can get from this product.

1. Improve the appearance of your HDB

This is the main benefit that you can get from the sliding window. This window is very popular among many people today. Many HDB owners are interested with this window. They claim that they are able to improve the overall look of their HDB units easily when they are using this window. It is one of the best decorative items that you should purchase for your unit today. It can be used to improve the overall appearance of your HDB unit effectively. There are some sliding windows that come with different and unique designs. You can select the best one that is suitable for your needs.

2. Can be cleaned easily

This is another great thing about sliding window. This window can be cleaned easily. You don't have to spend a lot of time for cleaning this type of window. If you don't have a lot of time for cleaning your windows in your HDB unit, you may want to consider using this product. This window can be cleaned easily without having any complicated procedures. You can simply prepare some important cleaning tools, such as soft cloth, cleaning supplies, and many other tools. It is recommended that you clean this window regularly, so you can maintain its quality.

3. Can be painted based on your needs

Some people want to install sliding window in their HDB units because of this reason. You are able to paint this window based on your needs. You can select the best painting color that is suitable for your preferences and needs. It is very easy to paint this type of window. If you want to have professional look, you may want to hire a professional painter. There are some painters who are ready to paint this window based on your needs. It is recommended that you paint this window with the right designs or styles. You can also contact your favorite interior designers. They can help you choose the right color for your sliding window.

4. Easy to operate

This is another reason why you have to choose the sliding window for your HDB unit. This window has simple procedure, so you can operate this window easily. It is very easy to use and operate this sliding window. It can be opened and closed quickly. You don't have to spend your time for learning how you can operate this window easily. Most sliding windows usually come with owner's manual. You can read this manual, so you can learn how you can operate this window safely. There are some safety procedures that you have to follow when you are planning to operate this unit.

5. Safe for your HDB unit

If you want to protect your families inside your HDB unit, you may want to consider using this sliding window. Some windows are made from metal materials. These metal windows are strong enough to prevent any criminal activities in your HDB unit. You can also increase the privacy in your HDB unit by using this sliding window. Don't forget to add a dark curtain to cover your HDB windows. There are some dark colored curtains that are available today. Sliding window can be a great option for you who want to increase the safety feature in your HDB unit.

They are some benefits that you can get when you install the sliding window in your HDB unit. Installing this window should not be a difficult task to do. You need to consult with a professional window installer. There are some professional installers who are ready to help you install this sliding window properly. Contact your favorite window installer company that has some recommended sliding windows for all customers. This window can be a perfect choice for you who want to decorate your own HDB unit.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Why Choose Us As Your Window Grill Manufacturer?

Why Choose Us As Your Window Grill Manufacturer?

There are many window grill manufacturers that are available today. You can select our company today when you are planning to choose the best window grill. We have a lot of high quality products that are suitable for all customers these days. Many people are satisfied with our products or services. When you want to choose the best window grill for your property, you can choose the best product from our company. There are some reasons why you should choose us as your favorite grill manufacturer. You can get a lot of benefits when you are using our products and services. 

1. High quality products
Our company has some high quality products for all customers. You can choose the best items that are suitable for your property, for example wrought aluminum, aluminum gate, casement window, and many other products. You can select the right product for your house. All products are made from high quality and durable materials. Therefore, you are able to operate and use these products for a long time. You don't have to worry about doing any maintenance procedures for improving the safety feature of your property.

2. We have a lot of experience
This is another reason why you should choose our company. We have a lot of experience in this industry. We know how to install the best window grill for your property. We also know how to solve any problems that may occur during the installation process. If you want to hire the best window grill installation company, you can consider using our company. Our technicians also have a lot of experience in dealing with any window problems. Because of this experience, you are able to rely on the quality of our products and services. You don't have to worry about choosing the wrong company when you are working with our professional company.

3. 100% satisfaction guarantee

You should be able to feel comfortable with any products that we offer for all customers. All products come with 100% satisfaction guarantee. When you are not happy with your item, you can contact us immediately. We can replace any broken or damaged items without any additional costs. Because of this satisfaction guarantee, many people are interested with our products and services. Many good reviews come from other customers. Some of those positive testimonials discuss about this satisfaction guarantee from our company . We always want to give the best products and services for all customers.

4. Affordable products

If you want to find the best window grill manufacturer in Singapore, you can take a look at our company. We have a lot of high quality products that we offer at very reasonable price. You don't have to spend a lot of money for installing the best window grill in your property. You can also contact our customer representatives today. We can help you find the best deals or packages for your needs. We also offer some deals or discounts for all customers regularly. If you want to know about the best deals from our company, you can contact us immediately.

5. Many good reviews

Our company receives a lot of good reviews or testimonials from other customers. Many people are satisfied with the quality of our products and services. This is another reason why you should choose our company today. You can read a lot of good reviews on some resources, such as Internet, magazines, local newspapers, and some other resources. Because of this reason, you can contact our company when you need any help with your window grill. Many people claim that they are happy with our products and services. You don't have to worry about our high quality services today.

They are some benefits that you can get from our company. Our company is believed to be one of the best window grill manufacturers in Singapore today. There are a lot of great products that we always offer for all customers. You can choose the best items that are suitable for your needs. We can also help you install your favorite window grill safely. We have some professional technicians. They know how to install the best window grill easily. If you are interested with our products and services, you can contact our company today for asking about our high quality products.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

8 Useful Tips to Consider When Choosing Window Grill for HDB Flat

While HDB flats in Singapore are appealing by themselves, they require several upgrades to give them that homely, luxurious and elegant appearance. Among other measures such as painting, installing window grills goes a long way to not only decorate the HDB flat both from indoors and outdoors, it also helps improve the house’s security and overall comfort and surety.

However, this will significantly depend on the window grill you choose. Here are some smart tips to guide you when shopping for the ideal grill for your HDB flat. 

1. Color

Even though it may seem somewhat insignificant, the color of the grill you choose is vital to the HDB’s overall appearance and attractiveness. If you plan to install the grills in a painted flat, then it is necessary that the color of the grills complement the flat’s outer painting to avoid color clashing. In addition, it is always recommended that you choose uniformly colored grills. Multiple colors are not easy to portray on window grills owing to the slim and detached frames – they tend to ruin the grill’s beauty rather than decorate it. A uniform color, on the other hand, makes grills look elegant and luxurious when complemented with an equally elegant design. 

2. Material used

As mentioned earlier, window grills also offer security from buglers and even harsh weathers in addition to d├ęcor. To this end, most grills are made using steel and wrought iron among other metals to offer maximum resistance against any attempts to break in. However, many other diverse materials can be used in the place of steel and iron. For instance, wood is an excellent material for decor as it is easy to shape. For people who do not care much for looks and styles, there are invisible window grills that serve the purpose of protection just as well but are invisible to the naked eye. These are made using fiber cables. As such, you can choose from a broad range of options depending on your tastes as well as other factors such as the level of security in your neighborhood. 

3. Shapes and symbols

Most window grills are designed in decorative but otherwise plain patterns. However, there are numerous other grills that feature diverse symbols and patterns for unique decor. These may be shapes of various objects and even carved names among others. As such, be sure to scout the market for different styles and designs before buying to land the one that pleases you best. Alternatively, you can request for custom-made grills featuring the design and style of your choice. This is easy and fast as there are numerous dealers in Singapore willing to try out new ventures, and at affordable prices. 

4. Size

The size of the grill’s outer frame will be determined by the size of your HDB’s flat. However, you have the freedom to choose the size of the decorative and secure frames as they vary greatly in width. Broad frames are very prominent and grab more attention as compared to narrow ones. However, they tend to block the flow of fresh and cool air from the outside. They also come in the way of sunshine, making artificial lighting necessary in many occasions. Narrow grills, on the other hand, are perfect for allowing the free flow of air and the nourishing sunshine. However, they can be easily broken, bent, or cut depending on the material used.

5. Installation 
Conventional window grills required that the installation process be done during construction of the flats for easy integration with the cement and other building materials. This limited change and diversity. Nowadays, window grills are bought, installed and even changed long after construction. They come with diverse attachments to facilitate easy integration with the open window frame, and while some only require attaching, others need to be pinned on the walls. Here, your choice will be determined by the policies of the HDB flats you reside in. As such, make sure first to consult with the owner regarding the matter to avoid future misunderstandings and unnecessary expenses. 

6. Customizing

Changing the flat’s setting and appearance occasionally is necessary to renew the comfort and elegance it gives. Several common measures of a makeover include changing the house’s interior painting, and where possible the exterior color too. The window grill, being prominent, has to conform to the new looks to avoid color and theme clashing. As such, it is important first to determine whether the grill you desire gives room for customizing. Among other factors to consider include whether it can be repainted, can it be easily removed and replaced with another, and whether the patterns and symbols are capable of yielding a new look from different positions.

7. Price

Window grills come at varying prices depending on factors such as quality, material used, beauty and even the dealer you buy from. While it is unarguable that you get what you pay for, it is also important to acknowledge that some grills are overpriced. As such, it is recommended that you buy within financial capability range. To this end, it is important to budget for the purchase before venturing into the market to avoid making uninformed decisions. However, also check to see that you do not save a little money only to end up incurring huge costs by buying cheap, sub-standard, and consequently insecure window grills. 

8. Guarantee

Owing to their sensitivity, buyers need to be assured of the strength and competence of the window grills they buy for use in HDB flats. This is because weaknesses in the grills may expose the valuable in the house to theft and even the house’s occupants to harm from dangerous buglers. As such, check to see whether the dealer you buy from offers guarantee for his/her products as this is a signal of their confidence in the grills they are selling. In addition, you are guaranteed not to incur additional expenses should the grills develop complications in the future. 


These tips will help you to choose not only the ideal secure window grill for your HDB flat, but also enhance the flat’s beauty and elegance with the diversity of styles and designs in the market. As such, take your time while shopping and browse inventories from different dealers to ensure you do not miss out on any details.