Thursday, November 19, 2015

How Much Does Aluminium Window Grill Cost?

In the days of old, a window grill was simply a dull vertical or horizontal iron bar design. Not only were their design plain, but also their cost was expensive. Advancements in technology such as metal bending and aluminium extraction has redefined the purpose, design and general aspects of window grills. Today window grills such as aluminium window grills are rich in design, attractive in appeal, low on cost and are fortified to provide enhanced security. This is achieved through the combination of protective low cost material and decorative looks.

Types of window grilles

Window grilles in Singapore are available in various types and designs. You can find decorative window grill types that are fabricated with wrought iron to come up with a strong and elegant window grill. Unobstuctive invisible grills are another popular window grill type. It is made of thin steel. There is also a range of aluminium window grills, which come with various designs of lattice frames. These are preferred because of their rich design, appeal and general feel. They are “green” and environmental friendly. They are also elegant, simple and appealing to the eye as they come in a range of different sizes, colours and designs.

Finding the right window grill at the desired cost in Singapore is not a hard thing today. There are many great options available to choose from. Additionally, you can also find a number of impressive customization options that will suit your individual design and security needs. Depending on a number of factors like size, material and design, your window grill will be available in a short time and at a low cost. This way you can have the desired window grilles at range that is within your budget for your hope improvement project.

Why aluminium window grill?

While Singapore offers window grilles fabricated from metal materials like iron and steel. However, these kind of metals tend to wear out, rust and require frequent maintenance. Exposure to the elements will leave your iron window grill rusty and unattractive. This will also affect it strength and the promise of a good fortified security. In the long run, you will have to repair bad parts or replace the whole unit all together should the corrosion have caused damage beyond repair. Steel and iron materials are generally heavy metals in feel and hence will cost you more to acquire.

Aluminium is a suitable material for your window grill as compared to steel and iron. Aluminium window grilles are usually more appealing as compared to its iron and steel counterparts. There are many reasons that make aluminium the most suitable material for window grills.

Aluminium is generally lighter than other metallic materials. For this, the material is easy to bend into numerous impressive customized designs. Also, because of this lightness, doors and windows grilles made of aluminium are easy to open or slide. Furthermore, they will not make annoying sounds as doors and windows whose grilles are made of heavy metal types.

Aluminium offers an impressive resistance ability and robustness. it has a high mechanical advantage hence making it a strong barrier. Furthermore, there are some heavy-duty aluminium window grilles that are available and will guarantee the necessary security for your home and family.

Aluminium window grilles are generally easy to maintain. Aluminium is resistant to effect of the elements, which makes it an impressive choice of window grill for those living in areas with adverse weather conditions or precipitation. Powder coating technology is also available to ensure that your aluminium window grill is durable. Spills on your window grill can easily be wiped out on aluminium grilles as compared to iron or steel grilles.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about aluminium window grilles is its availability and affordability. Unlike iron and steel, aluminium is affordable and window grilles made of aluminium are of low cost. 1mm non-hollow Aluminium with bar will go for about S$8.80 per square foot while 2mm non-hollow Aluminium will go at about S$11.80 per square foot.

Why choose us?

Our range of aluminium window grills come in rich designs and elegant finishes to ensure that your home appeals to the eye. They are durable and strong to ensure protection. We have installed thousands of aluminium window grilles for Singapore homeowners and you can be assured that we offer good quality window grills at an unbeatable cost.