Monday, March 21, 2016

What are Double Glazing Windows?

Noise from various sources can cause severe irritation. As Singapore is a small country it is quite obvious that all the parts of it are fully developed with well furnished roads. As the roads pass by your house, vehicles will run on the roads. The honking sound of the vehicles can be pretty annoying as compared to any other noises. Apart from that at times you hear the sound of the dogs barking outside. During construction of buildings and others various machines are used. These machines make unbearable noise. Some people have problems with sleeping while noise is on outside. The noise can be very disturbing for children for concentrating on studies. Apart from that noise can be a source of various diseases. Single glazed windows can protect you from the bad effects noise to some extent but not sufficient. There come the double glazed windows in facilitating you a soundproof room.

What is the mechanism employed for double glazing windows?
These windows follow simple construction procedure with two glass panes separated by air gap. Depending upon manufacturer the air gap can be of variant lengths. The air gap between the glasses acts as the impediment for the sound coming from outside. The air gap is generally filled with non-reacting gases. These gases have the capacity to obstruct the noise from transmission. Apart from the heavy gases, the windows make use of a fortified frame made of mostly aluminium. The aluminium frame is also made with insulation fibres that again obstruct sound from transmitting from outside.

How much noise these windows are capable of stopping?
People have wrong notion that these windows have the capability to stop the noise by 100 percent. This is by far impossible in the present days. The transmission of noise in to your house may depend upon the architecture and design of your walls. Some of the noise enters your house through the walls. If you are able to fortify your walls from transmitting the noise through, then you may be able to achieve your dream of having almost 100 percent soundproof room. Without such architecture, you can reduce amount of noise substantially by using the windows. This is approximately 30 to 40 percent reduction in the noise levels. Most of the people consider this level of the noise as the tolerable level.

Do you need to replace your existing windows to install these windows?
It solely depends on you and the estate management. If you wish to replace your existing windows and your estate management denies it, you don’t need to be worried about installation of these windows. These windows can well be installed over your existing windows without any technical difficulty. If everything goes fine with the permission of the estate management and your will, you can get your existing windows replaced with the double glazing ones.

What type of houses can accommodate these types of windows?
These windows are suitable for both commercial and residential purposes. These can also be used in industrial areas where you have offices inside the industry. You can use these in your house. With the permission of your estate management, you can use the windows in the condo and HDB. These windows always fit in to office to provide you an environment free from noise and will to work.

Features of the Double glazing windows that are rarely known

* Double glazing windows have thermal insulation prowess better than the single glazing ones  
Most of you may not realise the importance of windows in preventing the flow of heat from outside to inside. The double glazing ones have the capability to stop the heat flowing from outside to inside. The extent up to which the windows can be able to resist the flow of heat inside can be measured with the help of the U-Value. This value is governed by the international standard based on Australian model. You can verify the same in the website of windows energy rating. While choosing these windows, you should be careful about checking U-value of the windows if you are concerned about the heat and insulation. Windows with low U-values are considered as the better windows.

*These windows are highly energy efficient
If you prefer the cooler air of the outer environment, you may not need to use these windows in place where there is no noise. If you are in a building with the air condition running 365 days, you must install these windows. These windows provide great insulation by not allowing the outer air to enter your house. In the same way these windows don’t let the inner cool air to go outside easily. Your air condition doesn’t need much energy to run. It means you are going to pay fewer bills for energy use even if you run your air condition 24*7.

* These windows support the green environment mission in a way better than the other windows
With the fortified construction, these windows prevent noise from entering your house. This is how your room remains not only free from noise but also free from any sort of pollutants. These windows don’t allow the heat to enter your house and in turn keep you in a cool atmosphere. Last but not the least, these windows save a lot of energy that you would have spent in terms of electrical energy for running your air conditioners. This is how these windows support the green environment mission in great ways.

Are you going to get these windows with your limited budget?
As these windows can be installed without the need of replacing your existing windows, you won’t have to pay to your installing agent the fees for dismantling the existing windows. Apart from that you can get these windows installed in your limited budget. If you don’t think you can be able to use these in all of your windows, you can install these in some of the selected places of your house. There are three essential places where you can use these windows such as bed room, your baby’s room and the study room of your kids. Apart from that a little higher U-value may help you save some of money that you wouldn’t like to spend.