Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Basic Rules You Need To Know When Installing an HBD Window Grill

Singapore’s HBD or Housing and Development Board has made tremendous efforts in ensuring that all the windows in the country are installed properly. All the windows of flats and houses have to undergo safety measures because once they do not meet the safety requirements, it’ll have to be taken down and replaced with a newer one. This particular move has made sure that the windows are built within Singapore’s safety standards. You can guarantee that all the windows are definitely safe and secure. 

Because of the strict implementation of the rules, a safe living environment both for children and adults have been created. This is why we have compiled all the things that you need to know when you are planning to install an HBD window grill. The rules and guidelines that you have to adhere to as you fix or install the window grills of your flat will depend as to what category your building belongs to.

The Basic Guidelines

*When Installing Grills at a Service Yard or a Balcony Parapet
HBD is requiring everyone to get a permit prior installing new window grills at a service yard or a balcony parapet, if there is any. With the case of flats that have been handed over during and after July 7, 2007, the grills of the windows have to be created with the designs that are approved by Singapore’s HBD. The officiating board has their own website and you can check the specific guidelines for window grill installation. You can also find in the same site all of the various designs they approve on the grills.

*Removing or Replacing Entirely the Rail Above a Balcony Wall 
Fortunately when it comes with removing and/or replacing the rail above a balcony wall, you wont need a permit to complete the entire process. However, this specific rule would only apply if your rails are made up of stainless steel or mild steel that is on top of a reinforced concrete parapet. Starting from where the finished floor meets the bottom part of the wall, it has to have a height of no less than a thousand millimeters. You need to remember this because this is usually where people get a violation as it is very easy to overlook. Also, the exposed steel bars have to be coated with a rust inhibitor for it to prevent from rusting. Two coats must be applied. The application must also be done prior the finishing work to create a cleaner and smoother outcome.

*Installation of a Different Metal Grill Design at a Balcony Interaction 
You would not be needing a permit from the housing board to get this accomplished. But then again, you need to adhere to specific guidelines or else they would ask you to have it replaced. The metal grills need to be not taller or higher than the actual unit. Also, the HBD forbids the storage of any combustible material within the balcony. This is also one of the many safety precautions that Singapore strictly implements when constructing buildings within their territory.

*Installing Metal Grills at a Double Storey End of an Executive Maisonette’s Balcony
You also wont need any permit from the HBD to have this done. However, you need to make sure that the metal grills are not protruding from the building’s facade. If they do, you need to get it fixed from the interior and not from outside. This would also apply when it comes with an internal metal grill installation regardless of its design and it does not matter whether it is situated in a window, in a balcony parapet or in a double storey balcony of a maisonette.

*Installing or Replacing a Window on a Parapet 
The housing board requires home and flat owners to get a permit when installing or replacing old window grills on a parapet. If your DBSS project or flat has been handed down to you during or after July 1, 2007, you wont have to worry on securing a permit.

Pure planter boxes or open balconies are provided with these options. The window panels have to get the exact measurements that is required by the board. For the casement window, it has to come in a 500 to 700 mm wide. The sliding window also needs to be from 500 to 1,200 mm only. As with the type, proportion and color scheme of the newly installed or replaced window grills of flats and houses that have been handed over on or after July 1, 2007, it must also be exactly the same when it has been released by the HBD.

*Internal Installation of a Bamboo Chick, a Venetian Blind or a Curtain Rail 
The HBD would not insist for you to get a permit before installing a Venetian blind, a bamboo chick or a curtain rail. That would be absolutely preposterous.

These are just the basic guidelines you need to remember before you install a window grill on your property. These renovation guidelines intended for window grills can also be found on the official website of Singapore’s Housing and Development Board.

There are also more examples that you can sift through if you want to get more design ideas for your window grills. When it comes with the replacement of a full height window in the country, that would be a no-no since it is forbidden by the HBD. This is the one of the most important rule you need not to ignore or overlook or else you would suffer consequences.

If you really insist in doing so, you may be permitted by the officiating board but only if you have the most valid reason. Like for example, it has been contaminated and you would suffer grave health deficiencies if you do not have it changed or if the frame is severely damaged and there is no other way to fix it.

From reading the entire article, you may feel bombarded with all the rules and regulations when all you wanted to do was just replace your window grill! You are not the only one that is experiencing this type of frustration. From the way we see it, the only thing you can do in order to avoid the complications that unfortunately comes with installing new grills is by hiring or getting in touch with your local licensed contractor. This will definitely save you lots and lots of time from stressing out on what to do and what you should not do. Plus, they’ll help you get the job done in a jiffy!