Sunday, October 2, 2016

How To Safely Remove HDB Window Grill

It is very common to come across window grills in these modern times and almost impossible to come across a modern house with no window grills. Traditionally window grills were typically used for security purposes, but their uses have been diversified with time. Nowadays, window grills are not only used for security purposes but they are also used for decorative purposes, barriers etc. Window grills can be made from iron, Aluminum, wood, stone and other metals. Aluminum and Iron are the common materials that make window grills in Singapore.
In Singapore all the housing matters are normally governed by the Housing and Development Board (HDB). This is the board that sets out guidelines on all matters related to housing, by the very virtue of being under housing (Window grills), they fall under the ambit of HDB. The Housing and Development Board does not establish window grills as a standard feature in its flat, whether they are sold or rented. This is normally because window grills are not considered essential in all households. However households with safety concerns can request HDB for installation of the window grills, though this is on a case to case basis. For instance if a household has children below the age of twelve, or has people with medical conditions such as hyperactivity, those households are considered eligible for installation of window grills by HDB.
HDB also provides room for rental tenants to install window grills on their own accord, so as to benefit from the advantages that window grills comes with. When a tenant decides to install window grills on his own accord, the board sets out guidelines that will ensure the tenant will preserve the distinctive features and the overall aesthetic appearance of HDB flat. For instance such tenants are required to engage HDB licensed window grills supplier to install their service yard grilles. The HDB licensed window grill supplier will manufacture the window grills according to the requirements and apply the necessary HDB permit. It is also a requirement (By HDB) that the windows must be similar in type, color and proportion to the original windows provided by HDB.

As stated earlier Aluminum and Iron made window grills are the ones that are very common in Singapore, this is mainly because they are secure and easy to maintain.

1. Iron Grille
When security is a priority in your home or office, then iron grills are simply the best for you. These wrought iron grills are strong and basically very hard to break into. Common criminals will not be able to break into these grills unless they are very smart and have sophisticated tools to break in. Basically there are two types of iron grills;

• Designed iron grills –These type of iron grills normally comes in various designs, it entirely depends with how the owner wants it.
• Slim grills – Slim grills only have two options, they are either horizontal or vertical. They are normally designed to minimize the view that is being blocked
Iron grill do have some disadvantages, one of its main disadvantage is that they normally rust in the long run. However this is not a disadvantage per se as you can galvanize the iron grails to prevent them from rusting.

2. Aluminum Grilles
Window grills can also be made by Aluminum, this is generally the most preferred material in Singapore when it comes to window grills. Aluminum grills have a lot of advantages, talk of being economical, rust free etcetera. Aluminum grills can either be horizontal, vertical or simply designed. In terms of security, iron grills offer the best security compared to Aluminum grills, this is because aluminum grills are normally hollow. Despite the fact that they are hollow, they are better than windows that lack them, such windows can be broken into within seconds.

Benefits Of Grills
Grills normally comes in with a lot of benefits some of the amazing benefits that window grills normally comes with include the following;

• They do offer security. Both iron grills and aluminum grills generally adds security to your home or office. A window without grills can be broken into, within a few seconds (This is basically by anyone who can smash). With grills, that’s a different case, since aluminum and iron grills are tough to break into. Unless you are dealing with smart criminals with sophisticated weapons, breaking iron and aluminum grills is never easy. When the two are compared (Aluminum and iron grills), iron grills can easily ranked highly in terms of security. Unlike iron grills, aluminum grills are hollow hence relatively easy to break into. With grills you will forever ensure that the standard of your window is not interfered with.

• Decoration.
Window grills are known to improve the ambience of the house and simply make the house beautiful. This can be achieved through any type of window grills and designs too. There are numerous designs of window grills and types that can easily make your house exquisite. 

• Rust resistance.
This is a benefit that aluminum grills do provide, they are normally rust resistant in nature. Iron grills too may be made to become rust resistant through galvanization, this will ensure they have a longer life span. 

• Low maintenance
.This is very common with Aluminum grills, once installed very minimum maintenance is required. On the other hand Iron grills may require galvanization once in a while, so as to prevent them from rusting. 

• Light weight and durable.
This is a benefit that Aluminum grills normally comes with, aluminum grills are known to be very light and durable too.

Guidelines for choosing window Grills in Singapore.
Choosing the best type of grill to install in your home or office has always been a tough choice to many. Here are some few tips to guide you before making that imperative decision’
The first thing is that, you should understand and know what you need for you window.

Naturally people will choose window grills based on the design of their windows and their homes generally. Apart from design and beauty, security too should be taken into consideration; as a matter of fact this is always a priority to majority of homeowners.
You need to have a budget plan. This is the amount allocated for installation of your window grills. Window grills of the best quality and design are normally expensive but durable and effective too.
With the best HDB, window grills you will be assured of satisfactory services and long lasting window grills.